Crowbar Kernel Panic

Episode 20: Will there be Ubuntu in heaven?

January 12th, 2022


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Testing Ubuntu Wayland x Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Ubuntu 21.10 Wayland and X Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Needs to be downgraded from 1.11 to 1.10 to avoid lsd grass. Downgrade Horizon Zero Dawn Github Script
  • Ubuntu 21.10 performance * FPS between 40 and 65 roughly * Frametimes highest about 25ms
    • Gameplay seems smooth
  • Windows 10 21H2 * FPS between 75 and 115 with DLSS enabled * FPS between 60 and 85 without DLSS
    • Frametimes no more than 15ms
    • Gameplay extremely smooth
  • Conclusion
    • Valve and Ubuntu have a long way to go to catch up with Windows performance from what I have seen. I have tested over 20 games both Windows and Linux native games and almost always Windows pulls out ahead. This is not an issue with games that run at a high FPS (60 FPS or higher) but becomes much more noticeable when getting below 60 FPS.

Heaven Dust and Heaven Dust 2

  • Dev - One Gruel Studio * Two person team from China * Publisher - Indienova
  • ProtonDB - Has no reviews yet (I’ll be writing one)
  • I had 0 issues or modifications to get the games to run.
  • “A love letter to Resident Evil.”
  • A cutsie, anime, chibi style survival horror. Our character wakes up locked in a maintenance closet. We don’t don’t know immediately who he is or why he’s trapped in this zombie infested mansion but we learn about that as we solve puzzles and make our way out of the mansion/laboratory.
  • Journals * The story is told through journals in true 90s survival horror fashion. * The localization is relatively bad. Better in Heaven Dust 2 but still not perfect.
  • Combat * Controller - auto aim system * Mouse/keyboard - MG:S style HD1 has an animation issue, when bitten by zombies the animation takes longer than the zombies next bit. Often leading to one bit means death. * HD2 map is a little tighter than HD1 and zombies are often hidden behind the isometric wall and bit you without any clue they are there. The rooms in HD2 are blacked out before entering.
  • Puzzles * The puzzles in HD1 are fantastic and sprawling. Leading the player to run back and forth across the already explored map to find keys and items needed to inch further. The items are callbacks to the RE franchise without being spoilers to the puzzles.** Vending machines * HD1 has a vending machine system. Each section of the game has 1 vending machine that can sell the player a map, gun powder, and various magazines. * The currency is coins gained from killing zombies. * The magazines are buffs to PC.