Crowbar Kernel Panic

Episode 14: Valve Magnum Opus

September 3rd, 2021

We want to say thank you to the Linux_Gaming subreddit and our new subscribers! This episode is pretty laid back because it's pressed in an already busy week. Some light news, Weekly wanderings, and discussion of future changes to the Youtube channel.

Improving the show
Breaking up the segments
When we have an in-depth topic, should it go first?

Weekly Wanderings
Struggling to get my son to bed has made a house DJ
Now that I have my Owl mount I don’t care about albion
Playing FFXIV on proton GE
Pop!OS i3WM
Lubing & ringing my keyboard
Modding the crap out of skyrim on Windows.
Trying to mod Skyrim easily on Pop!OS.
I want to get back into Valhime.

Selaco is a Linux native built on the original 93 Doom engine
Garry's Mod Garry is fixing EAC
Will Halo Infinite run on Linux?

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