Crowbar Kernel Panic

Episode 39: Fedora's Skeleton Village

May 24th, 2023

Does Redhat still believe in the Fedora project, we question the 4% let go from the company in cutbacks // Somebody tell Elon he'd be a real internet cool guy if he opensourced Tesla software updates // RPG Maker Unity asset finally luanches with suspicious comments // Valve is still crushing with good will from the Linux gaming community // 'About that linux support..' - Roblox // The AI game concept gets a new skeleton village // Don't worry, my monitor is still flickering on and off on Linux

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Fedora Program Manager let go from Redhat -
Tesla lawsuits over software updates reducing battery capacity -
RPG Maker unite -
ORK Framework for Unity -
Valve improves Big Picture Mode -
Roblox back tracking -

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