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Episode 48: New PC build and Proxmox Cloud Init

March 12th, 2024

🚀 Tech, Gaming, Linux—Oh My! 🎮🐧 Crowbar Kernel Panic - Ep. 48

Welcome back to Crowbar Kernel Panic, your go-to hub for all things tech, gaming, and Linux! In this pre-recorded episode, we're diving deep into the digital realm to bring you the latest insights and updates. Tune in as we unpack the week's hottest news, discuss home lab adventures, and explore the world of gaming.

🔥 In This Week's Episode:

Linux Landmarks: Celebrate with us as Linux surges past the 4% mark in global market share! Plus, get the scoop on Fedora 41's bold move to drop X11 and the thrilling release of KDE Plasma 6.
Homelab Chronicles: Join the journey as we build out a Kubernetes cluster using K3s, and discover the wonders of Cloud-Init for automating VM setup.
UnHomelab Adventures: From gaming PC builds to keyboard snobbery, follow along as we dive into the world of aesthetic builds and newfound obsessions.
Silent Hill: A Short Message: Uncover our thoughts on the divisive Silent Hill: A Short Message, as we delve into its eerie atmosphere, storytelling, and departure from franchise norms.
Oakwood: Stay tuned as we venture into the mysterious world of Oakwood—a thrilling adventure awaits!

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