Crowbar Kernel Panic

Episode 26: Nobara Project and The Stanley Parable

May 26th, 2022

Gnome new governance and other updates -
Nvidia moved many features behind firmware before opensourcing it’s kernel -
Budgie submitted for inclusion in Fedora 37 -

Fedora 36

  • I finally ditched Windows and only have Fedora installed on my laptop
  • I have Fedora installed to my 500gb ssd and I created a raid 0 between my 2 nvme drives to put all my games on.
  • I had to fix a permission issue before I could install any games to the mount point. I set the permission on the btrfs subvolume to 770 so that my user and group have full access to the mount. I made sure to give no permissions to everyone so that it's a little more secure.
  • After setting those permissions I could install all my games and play them.
  • Jedi Fallen order works fine now I can pause the game and resume and it plays normally.
  • Horizon zero dawn can now use dlss.
  • One issue I am still having is very strange. I could open the steam flatpak via the app icon totally normally until I set my nvidia gpu as the primary active gpu. After that I now have to use the flatpak run com.valvesoftware.Steam command to start steam. When switching back to intel/nvidia or just intel gpu the app icon can start steam again.
  • Wayland was a no go for any of my games so I am back on Xorg. Other than games though, wayland has come a long way and works with all my other applications.

Nobara Project 36
My attempt at upgrading failed. NP documented a fix to allow for a successful process but after completion there were too many issues with the nvidia kernel to make it worth sticking with the installation. I opted for reinstalling.

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